Squelch !

We finally had a weather breakthrough.  The ground is sodden , we are a bit behind with the sowing.   I have been keeping to the biodynamic sowing calender up to now………this will change though as we need to get peas and other seeds  in.

The last two weeks in the Walled Garden have been focused in the tunnell. Everyone got stuck in planting up containers for around the grounds.  Seedlings are well up and in need of regular watering – despite cold , cloudy wet weather conditions.  Interestingly enough, the seedlings of Ochra have popped up no bother. I am curious to see how they will do.

Foundations for the polytunnel -
Foundations for the polytunnel -

All the salad crops and spinach sown in August 2008, are about to go to seed . We are going to save the seed from the red mustard. The tunnel in the walled garden is very small about  12 foot by 17 – I will have to measure.  But it provides a good size growing area.

Speaking of polytunnels.  In Drumlane the ground there is washed out . Spuds and onion sets are in but not much else. The frame of the tunnell is up. It must have been difficult work in the weather we have been having.

I have decided to create a forest garden at my place.  I made  circles of mulch around the fruit trees, used guiney pig bedding and straw, manure and grass clippings.  Potatoes have been sown (then after this I read that apples and potatoes are not compatible ,  darn it !). I will  plant  pumpkin around the rest. (hopefully compatible with spuds) ,   this will soon put this companion planting theory to the test anyway.

At the end of the day there will be fruit  trees at the canopy layer, fruit bushes at the shrub layer and spuds, pumkin and spinach at the herbaceous layer.  This is the plan so far. I have mowed curved pathways . Using the clippings as mulch material eliminates the guilt ( almost ) of the co2 output of the mower.  It is very windy here so the more trees the merrier, and calmer !


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