Community Gardening

Yes it’s June and a hot bed of excitment in all the gardens.
Drumlane finally got the plastic on the tunnell the weekend before last and planted the first tomato plants last Saturday. Phew ! The rest of the garden is looking fantastic as per- usuall , photos coming very soon.
The Jampa Ling garden is basically exploding. After several weeks of rain , still sowing like mad the wee plants are either in the ground or jumping out of their pots. we have sown everything .
Tomato brandywine, black crim,( we have been given moneymaker, gardners delight and alicante)
Chillys – will see what they do. will post varieties later. lettuce, cavlo nero kale, celeriac, leeks , onions, golden and red beetroot, carrots, parsnips. red cabbage, an so on and so forth. will post complete list later.
This time of year too busy to write much alas !

New garden beginning in Ballinamore . So far new site picked out and grass cut , some manure delivered, wow !
more later ………..


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