And the Heat goes On….

Well I didn’t believe that we would finally get all that sun.  But hey, whos complaining ! Probably somone somwhere , but never mind that.  Yes this is the first year that I have grown lady’s finger from seed successfully, lets see how it does.  We have tons of Cavlo Nero Kale growing and Texil greens  .  They are tasty cut and come again greens, with a mild garlic taste.

Only the root crops are a bit slow. I thought it a good idea not to add any soil amendments but yet again this has proved a bad move.  Relying on previous years compost has not worked. We could have used compost from Vicky’s digester in Wexford. She brings up bags of it for the garden .  We may need to add some to the garlic too. They are quite slow, somthing not right with the soil.

Someone found a flat worm in the tunnel a week ago.  Thats the first one I’ve seen thank  goodness !  Folks here are  still enjoying the gardening experience, the warm weather is making gardeners out of everyone.

I believe rain is on it’s way, tomorrow.  The sun is due a returne visit next week.

I havn’t been to Drumlane in a couple of weeks, check  them out on the web at

Will post some photos of the Fohera Community Garden soon……..


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