Community gardners

Hi Gardeners and such like

If you havn’t watched the video on the South Circular Road Garden and are looking for some inspiration (aren’t we all in this weather) have a look at this one. –see the colum saying ‘ones to watch’.

Other news – Jampa ling garden is in full harvest at the moment. Our membership has reduced over the last few months and this is a pity, people going on holidays ect. However for the ones who stick around we have done fairly well for a first season .
successes mainly in the legumes , a bumber crop of beans and peas.

Making supports for peas
all the potatoes got blight bar the Sarpo Mira. we have yet to taste these, they are still flowering.
beetroot and other root crops very slow. However a bumber crop of onions.

Also brassicas fantastic. Have learned a lot about spacing this year. overcrowding of cauliflowers – not good, and very dry at roots means the flowers have blown – oh dear .
Blah Blah, what is much more intresting by far is some photos. will post asap.

Fohera community garden is flying. Pumkins set and dahlias and potatoes produced , in spite of the late start . This is a circular garden theme. Boy , do plants like to grow here. Am very optimistic for future croping ahead.back , Ist July, plants looking good in Jampa Ling


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