Christmas post

I am in one of my most favourite parts of the world. Wicklow by the sea.  It has been snowing heavily in theNort West and it’s nice to see leaves and grass again. Just to update briefly on the community gardening front. The Jampa Ling garden has taken a break  for the winter. Will start up again in Spring – January.  We could have kept going but the majority of folks wanted a break. Looks like the Agenda 21 funding will be coming through at some stage . It will help.  Regarding the Ballinamore Community Garden , funding has also come through there and we will be busy setting up in the spring. Drumlane has wound down for the winter with great plans for the coming season. So all in all a promising year ahead for 2010. However we need to be prepared for inclement weather. Build more polytunnels I suppose. For some up to date photos of the Drumlane Community Garden please check out look at the section on commuity garden.

Ah,  The buisness of harvesting

We nearly got it completly covered. Notice stalks of Jerulsalem artichoke in the foreground. These we will be moving next year. Oh sure I meant this year…….

At the moment I am exhibiting in the Solas gallery in Ballinamore , in a group exhibition.  I will be part of a two person show  in June , so watch this space. Will post photos soon.  If we all make a big wish for broadband I will surly be more active on the blog next year. Anyway enough excuses…….. Great Rainbow Seasons Greetings to you all and a peacefull new year.

x Aisling


One thought on “Christmas post

  1. happy new year, lovely photographs, hope you are surviving the weather, lessons to learn, great news about the ballinamore garden, will organize pix of the dock installation and send them on. Keep warm and positive x m a

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