Tiger Tails

I have been recently awoken from my winter’s slumber by  the  playful adventures tiger who is this years emblem. Yes positively tiggerishly bounced into the coming year with a bang.

Beginning this week with the first planning  meeting in Jampa Ling. Then formally starting tomorrow, Wednesday with the garden. The year ahead includes;

New covered area for growing tomatoes. they have built up a lot of disease in the past few years and so the old tunnel needs a rest.

Funding possibly coming in to inject life into the group increasing overall production.

Storage facility for tools, revamp of old shed.

Maybe some new members ??

Will start tomorrow with pruning of the old apple trees.

This is a shot of the Jampa Ling Walled Garden. Still asleep. In the foreground, last years artichoke stems. we are going to move these to a new site.

Now also this week there is a meeting in the Library in Ballinamore of the Fohera Community Garden. Wednesday 11th, at 6.30.


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