Ye Dig ?

spuds in earth
Spot the Spud !

Yes thats what it’s all about , digging .  In a new plot or area of the garden the decision is wheather to single dig, lazy bed, or no dig. The former is a whole lot of work (not as bad as double digging however which I won’t mention – woops I just

did.) “why they call them  lazy beds I dunno”  I hear you say again. Well if you had a go at the unmentionable and also single digging then, by comparison I suppose the relativly easy method of lashing down manure directly onto the grass in a straight line, placing the potatoe directly onto this, then folding over cut sod is relativly lazy. I think I will have to illustrate this with a photo.

However, ahem , it has nearly killed me to do it lately. A combination of long grass, hard earth and unsharpish tools has made it difficult. The garden in fohera is coming along all the potatoes are planted.Still red and the rest of the white onions to plant. We are using the so called lazy bed system.  More volunteers with good backs needed ! (that really was a sincere cry for help)

this time with a Loy

This photo was taken back in March, Potatoe Day to be exact in the Organic Centre Rossinver, Co. Leitrim. The land was soft, the grass long and muscles a plenty.

I am a strong advocate of the No. Dig method.  A layer of newspaper, cardboard or similar(avoid glossy mags with unknown ink qualities possibly toxic to the soil) ; add to that a deep layer of manure/ compost of your preferance. Top the whole lot off with a deep layer of straw. Plant into this . Make pockets of soil in the straw and plant directly into this material.  Works very well for fruiting plants. We have tried this in all of the community gardens with good success.see previous pages.


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