Now is the winter……………

It’s a cool damp November day and just a few of us today in the garden in Jampa Ling. The potatoes have all been dug up and stored in the cellar of the main house. We discovered some of them are sprouting probably due to heat. So we have to make a new store outside that will be cooler and dark. In the past and perhaps still today the practice of digging a pit and placing vegetables and fruit on bare earth and covering them with rushes and earth was a convenient method of storage. Produce stored this way kept well into February. There is a glut of apples this year also, which means preserving as a means of storage. Next year perhaps we will do the pit thing.

Yes things are winding down but you know there is always a bunch of things to do. Prepare beds for the spring. Putting away canes. Pruning the fruit bushes and planting cuttings for more. Planting garlic, we managed to save some of our own this year. Weeding the polytunnel. Next up is seed cleaning, great for the coldest wettest weather. Everyone sitting round a table chatting and seed cleaning drinking tea, wonderful !

enjoy your winter


One thought on “Now is the winter……………

  1. Great to hear of the abundance of apples! 🙂

    Are there any photos of the garden from summer and harvest? Would love to see how things turned out.

    Sending love from Oregon!

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