Prune some

community gardeners take a break

 There is much to do now outside. With spring almost here and the buds ready to pop on the trees, there is only a little time left for pruning. Some regeneration work was done over the past few years on the very old apple trees here in the walled gardeenThese trees are over 100 years old, and probably older. Last years harvest produced some lovely apples. We discovered a particularly good large tasty keeper. The picture below displayes this tree. It is very tall, and needs  skillfull pruning.

Tree pruning in Jampa Ling community garden

Further to the subject of pruning.  January is said to be the best time to prune Buddlea, however I just did mine. If you take these cuttings now and stick them in the ground you will have new plants by the end of the summer. The advantage of pruning  apple trees now is that the harmfull  insects that have laid their eggs on the tips of the branches will be removed along with the branches. In fact willow, dogwood and roses can all be increased in this way now.

contorted willow Salix tortuosa, can be grown from cuttings also

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