The writes of Spring

A grand title I know. However having recently being seduced by FB. I no longer have any time for my much neglected blog it seems. No matter, my usual excuse of not having time or indeed a good broadband connection or that it is winter time (no longer) and nothing much is happening in the garden need not apply. None of the above is true. However activities in Jampa Ling have increased surrounding the building of the new Stupa. I will be posting photos of this project in the coming months hopefully. We have still community gardening in the morning on Wednsdays and Tsa Tsa making in the afternoon.

cutting the clay for Tsa Tsa

So the clay was bought in and the first step was to cut it using a bit of wire.  We then oiled the molds

we coated the mold with a thin layer of oil

The oiled mold was placed directly  onto the slab of clay and the back of the mold hammered in place. The excess clay was removed and the mold pulled up vertically away from the clay, leaving the image on the remainder.

slabs of clay are cut
oiling the molds
Tsa Tsa ready for cleaning, drying and firing

May these  images bring great benefit to all who view them


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