Grass roots post

Today was a great day for gardening. The soil was light and fluffy, the weather was mild . I saw many of my old friends pushing there way up through the soil, dandelion and scutch grrrrrr. I really got into it. There wasn’t anybody to bother me. No other community gardeners in sight , not even Romy to make the tea. I’m not kidding myself however. This is the calm before the storm. Pretty soon we will be inundated with woofers, interns, helpers, visitors and maybe even community gardeners.

a bug' s eye perspective

Ya but today was very peaceful. Until! the realisation of the coming season pounced on me . Got to prepare this bed and that. Where are the potatoes going to go this year? They will not fit in the rotation  . The new tunnel, will we build a trench and bury the plastic or make a rail? Maybe I ought to be sowing tomatoes this week – havn’t even bought seed yet ! And  !! so on and so forth, this is the usual pace at which spring attacks. I have been dozing steadily for several months in my hibernation and now from every angle there seems to be endless projects. Don’t worry I tell myself, it will all work out.

Lunaria or Honesty is coming along nicely

This is Lunaria, a biannual plant also known as honesty. The seeds were produced locally and given to me by a friend. I am looking forward to the summer display of shiny penny seed heads which  far outshine their sometimes pink, sometimes white flowers. This is not an original idea and I have taken it from a lovely gardening friend in Clonee who will not admit to being a really good gardener, but here Elsie Wells take it from me – you have got it!

green manure

Our green manure experiment was not a total flop!  we tried winter tares, field beans (above) clover and grazing rye. The rye and field beans seem to have been moderately  successful while the rest might have been sown too late.



4 thoughts on “Grass roots post

  1. Ah, yes, the welcome craziness of spring. 🙂 Monday and Tuesday I was scrambling around, too, trying to get all my onions, lettuce, and spinach in the ground before the impending rain made the soil unworkable again. The seeds may have been wasted effort, though, as the rain was so strong today it may have washed them away…

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