prepare to plant!

Community Garden in Jampa Ling
Garlic doing well in Jampa Ling walled garden

Spring is marching on as it does and will wait for no man or woman gardener to get his or her act together. Today the seed potatoes from the Seed savers in Claire arrived. Tibet, Sharps express and Home garde. I particularly wanted to get Tibet because not only are they a  blight resistant variety and very good I hear, but also as our centre here is  Tibetan Buddhist. I thought it appropriate. Already ‘Colleen’ and ‘Orla’ are sprouting away in the shed.  Two  early varieties which will be going in the ground as soon as possible. If only Colleen and Orla were a couple of gardeners…………anyway dream on.

We are also in process of putting up a new tunnel. I will show you how things are progressing there. Meanwhile a few seedlings are pushing through the compost Mizuna being the first.  When the new seeds arrive from Stormy Hall we will be putting in Broad beans first I think. Oh it’s all go.


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