‘Colleen’ and ‘Orla’ are snug in their Lazy bed.

No title coming to mind as yet. I could call this, “what I used to do more of before I got a computer”. Sounds appropriate. It’s just so much fun , anyway, blame the Irish weather. I just set up a new fb page called ‘walk talk and eat your greens’ It’s all about renewable energy.

https://www.facebook.com/WalkTalkAndEatYourGreens,  sure have a look if you are interested.

Otherwise, the garden in Jampa Ling is coming on well

Honesty / Lunaria

I posted this only a few weeks ago, how everything leaps into life once the sun is out and the temperatures are up.

close up

I suppose the advantage of having lots of early flowers is the food for insects, and it is also attractive to the human visitors to the garden. I am using the mass planting for a particular effect. The bed is opposite a garden room where visitors and people on retreat and workshops like to sit. It is a good focal point and  there will hopefully be a good show  of silver pennies in autumn and late summer.

There actually are a few beings coming to the community garden on Wednesdays at the moment. I just keep forgetting to photograph them. We have been planting potatoes  using the lazy bed system most recently ‘Orla’ and ‘Colleen’ , both first earlies.


It’s raining cats and dogs thank god for computers. listening to on-line folk radio UK. I’m sure that was Leonard Cohen, you know I was never a fan until I got older. Yes – “Crazy to love you”. oh really good , suitably dreary to match the weather. Anyway, one more thing. A tip to keep the slugs off your propagation bench…….


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