June, we have waited so long for you an now!

Yes as the year rolls on to midsummer and is wet and typical of our climate these days, we the noble gardeners keep going, our heads bent, bums in the air, oblivious to all obstacles, slugs, unhelpful rain as opposed to helpful rain, slugs,  the odd fox or mink attack, slugs………….wait a minute! The odd fox attack, attack what exactly??? Yes we don’t have hens, or ducks, or bones. So why did something take a chunk out of our tunnel and dig up a tomato plant?? Beats me. Will post photo I suppose, gratuitous violence on our poor defenceless greenhouse. Harumph!

We otherwise have been having a successfull season. Lots of help from our fantastic woofers. I will post now so you can see.

Woofers and volunteers unite against weeds

There is more

planting red cabbage in Jampa Ling
Willing Workers unite against Weeds to be precise


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