A Berry-filled July thus far


I am sinning by writing on my blog when I have all the time in the world, and it is not raining for a change. However I have had a good morning discussing house repairs in the hope that we will be warm this winter. Our garden here is what you would call correctly a forest garden. Presently a forest of weeds interspersed by fruit bushes and trees. This year’s berry harvest is rewarding, the birds leaving well alone my jostaberries, blackcurrants and raspberries. As yet also the cherry trees are untouched. It may be due to the high jinks of my very tiny new jack Russell. As my primary vegetable growing energy is situated in other peoples’s garden, I may be a kind of garden cuckoo, one that has a beneficial effect on it’s host.

Here there are Cherry, Plum and Apple trees. Unfortunately due to weather conditions at the time of flowering there will not be many apples this year. This is a complete contrast to previous years when I overwhelmed with the most amazing organic apples and nowhere to store them, where rats wouldn’t eat them that is. In soft fruit there is raspberries, white, red and black currants, gooseberries, jostaberries, blueberries, and some hybrid berries even wild raspberries love the soil here. Along the lane soon will be wild blackberries and wild strawberries. Everyone says it is a bad summer. I am fairly well used to bad Summers at this stage and a good one is a gift. Jampa Ling garden is doing quite well . The new tunnel has recovered from the attack of the wild rabbit and the courgettes are enormous. I think it is well situated, some drainage issue yes but in general the permaculture style keyhole beds are working out. The courgette love the height . A woofer recently remarked how much clay was there in the sub soil and he made a small pond out of the clay which holds water very well. The idea being that with a small pond in the tunnel, frogs will come and live and eat the slugs.

I am back on my old computer (laptop has crashed for the second time thus very few photos). It is very comfortable to write on it as the keys are more secure and I am less likely to loose a post in the middle of writing it. However the sun is now out and the garden calls. Chat again with some more photos very soon


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