Cherry trees, it’s a Summer thing

Bees in Heaven

Cherry tree

Cherrys of the north-west
Lost my last post, it’s a little bit tricky this new wordpress situation. Please bear with me until I get the hang of it. Well as I was saying before the net gobbled up my post how happy the cherrys are here despite the northwestern climate. Rosa Gallica is doing it’s usual wonderful thing. I am really into film at the moment and in particular the landing of insects on flowers, it’s a summer thing.

In the description wherever that has gone, pardon my chagrin, I said that it isn’t necessary to grow lots of unfamiliar plants to engage the interest of the bee. It seems the old-fashioned rose has stolen the heart of this little bee. Many species roses are a synch to grow. this one is from the 16 century, and is also known as the apothecary rose. Try the rugosa species, R.rugosa Agnes  is fab. Any of those species roses with an open style of flower with access to necter and pollen will do, and you need not spray them either, just give them good soil, water, food and they will be happy.

A good plant to attract hoverflies

Yes this humble daisy is a wonderful cure for migraine. A few leaves of it in a sandwich or make a tea with it, failing that roll a leaf up in a ball chew it a bit and swallow, it is very bitter but it works.


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