Ahem, well I have taken the liberty which is mine  to take, and indeed anybody’s.  That  which presses one to ignore the rules and take control of a language oneself. It does help knowing the rules in the first place before the baby is thrown out with the murky bathwater, but that rule has also been dispensed with.  I will say however a great deal of gratitude is due, to the dear ones who have invented this spell check. I am rambling now. I know. It has been so long since I wrote in the blog I had forgotten how much fun it is.

I was originally posting about this other little go at film making, also fracking related. The drama group involved is ALA in Galway. They use drama as a tool for transformation. Check out  ALA also have a new website.

So anyway this is a impromptu film made of one of their performances. It is amazing the way the audience is stirred into active participation. I wasn’t able to film this so as not to disturb the process but you get a flavor of it here. Audience members are invited to go up and take the part of one of the actors to show how”they would do it”



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