Yes, well there you go. Now!

Just one last one for your digestion, it’s all at one go. Thats me, I’m an all or nothing kind of gal. You got nothing for a few months and now yir gettin it all. So I had a lot of fun with this one. You might recognize the Drumlane gardeners as I have posted many photos of them over the years, that is of course if any of you have been reading or looking at my posts (is there anyone out thereeeee..). It OK , it’s ok , this is not a guilt trip, I know there are a lot of amazing blogs out there, professionals for God’s Sake! Never mind, but do feel free to check out this last one.

On a personal note, or an ever more personal than usual note. I am dedicating the blogging of this video to my wee jack russel Rockey. Who I thought would be with us for years and years. He got knocked down on Friday morning, he died instantly. This little guy was an amazing spirit, everyone who met him loved him and remembered him. You will see him in following video, and understand. Say a little prayer or wish him well if you are inclined. Thanks



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