Garden diary

Creative urges satisfied for the moment it’s time to get back into the garden.  I have been planting young whips of birch, alder and oak.   The land here is windswept and high. The soil scarce and stony. There are unforgiving weeds in many places. Bindweed, hedge woundworth, bishops weed (ground elder), oooh and not to mention the dreaded hog weed. I have gardened here and there, but without the protection that polythene gives.  I had great hopes of a permaculture type of situation but the weeds invaded every attempt.  Anyhow , trees, and shrubs, fruit bushes and fruit trees do well. With the added protection that the trees will give, in a few years it might be possible to grow some lettuce and greens.  I am actually a gardener, but the place is so large compared to what I am used to that I have never really got to grips with it.

161 159


One of the the plantings I am happy about is the Salix alba britzensis.  It’s a fun sculptural thing in the middle of the garden, originally to create border between the garden close to the house and the wider field. you can just see the bamboo through the arch.

Fab stems in winter
Fab stems in winter

190Here is a close up



This is a fairly invasive species I think a Sasa or something. Note the moat.  This is an attempt at stopping the mini monster from taking oer  the field which it will happily. Any way I will try to come to grips with this part of the world this year to some extent. I will be looking for  woofers I think.


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