Shrub love

Time for a bit of colour, this is Arabis
Time for a bit of colour, this is Arabis

Just the other day, before the terrible weather came back, I went on a planting spree.  I had a spare 15 euro in my pocket also and I spend all of it. I bought Arabis ‘Rose Delight’, as you can see here. Two bare-root laurels. I never thought I would see the day when I would  happily buy a laurel plant. When I saw their ability to survive those two harsh winters in a row, this shrub earned a respect from me, the most praise I will probably ever give an evergreen.  And they have  great value in flower arrangements also. I bought a lupin,  tired I am of admiring my neighbor’s while neglecting my need to possess one. I just think the slugs will eat it. They never touch his though.  Now what else…well I finally planted the poor unfortunate  angelica plant that spent most of it’s life in a pot   travelling here and there over parts of Leitrim till it finally found a home. Oh Yes, a coveted plant, Elder, Sambucus’  Black Lace’, here is a video describing it.

Interestingly I had intended that particular  area where I planted it as my Japanese garden. As the place is so wild and windy I hadn’t planted any maples for that reason.  He says in the video that Sambucus ‘Black Lace’ is the poor man’s  Japanese maple, but it does serve a similar purpose while at the same time being far less fussy about wind. I also planted it beside the failed permaculture bed. Failed because of an infestation of bindweed which I could not control. All that talk about the beauty of no-dig systems and cardboard. Piff! This garden is constantly teaching me to go with the flow.

I have also been cutting back the Salix.  and sticking bits of branch here and there. They are a stunning flame orange-red.  Add to that the cornus stolonifera flaveriama and this other variety which has red at the bottom fading to orange and yellow. I cant remember the name exactly, a bit like forest flame , I will have to look it up, and it’s not on google images either so I will also photograph it.

The wonderful flexible stems and colours of Red willow
The wonderful flexible stems and colours of Red willow

Anyway I am continuing on with the planting of Alder and Birch, which I hope will provide shelter one day. Best get to bed now.


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