Shooting the breeze

I forgot to title my last post. Always in a rush…I never buy magazines you know, but I was feeling flush and foolhardy and wandered into Eason’s in Cavan for a gawk. Actually I hardly ever take a wander for that matter. Sure enough I found one to buy on film making, my latest passion..One article by director Matt Bloom, who gives away 10 secrets of film making says…”Make a film a month”. I am wondering if this is one of those cases where you take a person literally and seriously.  I am ashamed to say I do not possess a video camera  Well not in the accepted sense. I do have a very nice camera on my phone however. I borrowed one recently to make an interview  for a friend which I have yet to return. I am going to save up this year for one. Anyway that is not going to stop me. There is the makings of a film making group here locally and we have put in for funding and await a verdict as yet. I may even go for crowd funding.

I just want to make movies that are burning to be made, but in the meantime I will have to blunder along and make a few bloopers. If that is the word.

light play


Not a bad little camera….amazing the quality of image from phones these days.



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