Weeds One

bowl of greens

In  spring cleane mode I decided to clean up the link area on the blog. Just checking to see what is still working etc. In so doing, I had a look at the Plants for a Future link. While I was there I investigated a plant which we have been eating and weeding at the same time in one of the polytunnels in the Jampa Ling community garden. Is a weed merely a plant in the wrong place ?  Perhaps it is ever more than just that . Not commonly photographed and I didn’t myself think to take one,  here is the link to an image of  hairy bitter cress, or Cardamine hirsute.


I cook on Fridays in Jampa Ling and on Wednesdays we have the community garden. It was the first time weeding in the tunnel this year. and this plant was all over it. It is very fond of cultivated ground and the soil had been left undisturbed since  Autumn. I often go hunting around the garden for salads this time of year. What is generally to be found is very young dandelion, wild garlic or Ramsons,  bishop’s weed or ground elder. I don’t eat the latter raw but having read this post by a fellow blogger I just might try it. http://herborist.wordpress.com/2008/06/24/ground-elder-%E2%80%93-beating-it-by-eating-it/.

Actually that is a beautiful blog, I recommend it.  I live in an area largely unpopulated by gardeners. If I might say , largely unpopulated then that is what it is, very few folks around at all . It is a fine thing to reach out to other plant enthusiasts and wax lyrical about this or that weed. Ahh.  So what else am I putting in the salad? yes mizuna, rocket, red mustard, corn salad, these were set last Autumn and are finally coming up and are ready for eating now. Last year I also grew spinach which is wonderful in salad at this or any time of year. In the other tunnel some miners lettuce is coming up, it resows itself each year thankfully. I realize now I will have to post photos of all that and I will make it my mission this week to do so.  I will also post a pic of the frog spawn which has arrived in  the pond in one of the tunnels. Watch out slugs!


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