Poets and Playwrites

stage set for The Boys Next DoorAbove is the stage set for the play ” THE BOYS NEXT DOOR”. I saw it last night, it was the final play in the Ballinamore drama festival. Directed by Myra Maguire and performed by the Estuary players from Co. Dublin, it walked away with the award for best play.

File:Robson Crane Comedy of Errors.jpg

On Saturday night I saw “SHAKESPEAR’S COMEDY OF ERRORS” directed by Fintan Murphy. Unfortunately this farce did not receive a similar reception,  much of the meaning of the play over the heads of the audience. The fault lies with the title here, a comedy in the title implies that the play will be funny and is doomed to disappointment if it isn’t. It was but … SHAKESPEAR, you know. Like we are talking 16nt/ 17nt century lingo, here which  doesn’t travel so well in rural Ireland. I think some of the individual performances were good, but hey, I always have a thing for the underdog. Not like “TRAD”, which also walked away with awards including best actor Liam Daly who played “Da”.

The festival is held annually in March in Ballinamore and is great value at  45 euro for the season ticket. Many of the performances were child friendly and tea and sandwiches were served after each showing.

The poetry project is a very inspiring combination of poetry and video. Here is one of my favourits: http://thepoetryproject.ie/poems/niesje-clea-van-der-grijn-the-clutch-handbag-vona-groarke/

From January and  for the following 6 months if you sign up you will receive a new poem and video production  every week by email   ” In celebration of Ireland’s literary and visual  creativity”.

Find the website for the project here.  http://thepoetryproject.ie/





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