morning post

Gluten free drop scones
Half sitting here on my stool cooking these things and figured it was a grand place to blog also.  Lack of stimulation has me doing my house work with the lap top. I have great aspirations about Zen mind and all that but there are times when a little screen and a keyboard helps. Must be a type of boredom.  I never thought I could be bored.  Just not enough adults around sometimes.  I did promise a photo of the Cornus alba ‘Forest Flame’ well I think that is the name. It’s not much but it gives you the general idea.

Cornus alba var.

I have recently re-potted the Auriculas . You know what happens if you don’t.  These little critters invade the pots and eat the roots. In fact I found quite a few in some of the other potted specimens,  it’s the peat,  they love it. Here they are vine weevil.

vine weevil larvae

They always remind me of Dr. Who. there was an episode with them in it once. One of those lasting memories. Anyway, I hope they haven’t got to these lovely primula growing in the soil under the morello cherry.

Primula "quakers bonnet"

Quaker’s Bonnet, Such a cute name. I got this plant from a really good gardener in Roscommon Saffron Thomas’s. Her ” BRIDGE END GARDEN” is open to the public have a look here


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