Just June

It’s been too long folks. The season has come and it gobbled up all my blogging energy. Gardening, film making and home making. I was getting into foraging big time just before the land woke up and then it all happened. Just keeping my hand in here. Here is an image from the finale of volkswagen Joe. I was location manager for this half hour mini feature.  The hardest weeks work of my life. ImageI guess it has been all consuming, and a far cry from foraging and gardening. I wanted to learn about the film making process and I can say that I surly did. It is very intense, I had a lot of responsibility for a newbie. I don’t regret it but I can say that it is not for me,  well not for a while anyway.Ah never say never.

I will post photos of the Jampa Ling garden soon, which is looking amazing by the way. Here is one for starters


That was back in May, most of these are in the ground now and a lot bigger. More to follow soon

Some nettle soup to finish anyone?




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