Foragella in the Pink

ImageYes as I might have said already I am slowly giving up the ghost of gardening in my own abode. I now wish to tangle with weeds no more, I will befriend them. Getting intimate with nettles sounds can be slightly punishing business yet has it’s own rewards. Lately it is the seed I am after. This is also the first year that I have ever made elderflower champagne from my garden which I will try soon. The trees are bursting with apples, the bushes laden with berries, it’s one of those years.


The other evening I wandered out into the garden wilderness , as that is what it is. I rummaged over near the remains of the old tunnel, long gone 5 years or more, where some strawberry plants sometimes produce the odd berry. I looked down among the weeds and sure enough the little struggling plants yielded up their sweet fruit. WithoutImage water or fertilizer they had managed to produce against the odds. The sun of course is mainly responsible for this freak event. They are growing near a quince which has a lot of fruit this year also.


The roses however did receive a bit of care, as always a good show demands it. This one is Rosa officinalis the apothecary rose. Why are all my roses pink I ask myself?


This one growing alongside  Phlomis is Rosa. Reine de Violet, irresistible at the time I had to have her. Now I see apart from the R. rugosa Agnes which is yellow, and R. moyesii , red. every other rose is pink, I think. I feel a color change coming on.

The golden hop is doing well,  I collected quite a bit of female flowers for a pillow last year. Helps you to sleep.


And, it is finally covering the oil tank, yea!

Some interesting flora and fauna found while disturbing a pile of winter logs as part of a garden cleanup.


Newt to you


mademoiselle/madame/monsieur frog

ImageMademoiselle Pebbles


And Finally  – The Ferocioous Sheepe


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