Further Forages

And so continues the barrage of foraging items that will follow endlessly from now until board -om -come. Amen.

ImageSuffice to say my mild infatuation with plants, especially those of a practical nature, has been taken to another level. Right now it’s all about nettle seed. I am desperately trying to identify it. I picked it dried it and tasted it, threw it out when the second lot was superior. Now I find I am still not so sure what is what. This is the latest batch, still to dry. Image

There are others though. I want to know more about willowherb. How to harvest it, use it as food and medicine. Which varieties are the safest and will not render me catatonic. I hear it is great for bladder and kidney problems and suchlike. I have loads of this variety at my place.Image

I want to reassure anyone concerned about weeds and growing. I am a trained horticulturist. However. I simply have not any time to weed, as a consequence of this I have let my garden go. I lament the loss of my 60 foot polytunnel, with it’s squash , Tomato and basil plants. I have the community garden of course for that now. As that is not on my doorstep if I am to have any fresh greens at all they must be found locally. ie in the wilderness outside my back door. Here this Monsanto! you do not need herbicide.  These plants are growing very  happily, snuggled in with their wilder cousins. For example:


Ripening redcurrants, hoping to make some wine with these. Recipes please


Boysenberry I think, hard to remember it’s so long since they were planted. Really tasty. They appear to be using the neighboring plants as support.


I admit that the rhubarb isn’t doing well and it can hardly be seen where it is surrounded by larger plants(weeds), it doesn’t like dryness. I already said I think that the strawberries were quite a find. I had to be quick as my collie has taken to eating berries, especially the raspberries. These have gone berserk with the neglect they have had.. Next two similar pictures can you spot the difference.? Image



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