What’s another year

This is my first post since this time last year I believe. Just for the record I’m mentally walking through the garden/wilderness having been actually wandering there some minutes ago. I just had to tell someone. It used to be a field, just under an acre. Now it is a place to get lost in. There are nooks and crannies I cannot reach anymore without riot gear. Dearly beloved nettles and far less beloved bramble have made the field their empire. This has also been the year of the visitor. Two friends came to stay, one a very old one and also Drego makes his second home her.He doesn’t s sleep here, just comes over every day to cock a doodle do.

Drego, short for Rodrego.  He is are most recent occupier.
Drego, short for Rodrego. He is our most recent occupier.

The weather has been amazing up to now resulting in crazy growth. I’ve been collecting nettle seed again. I’m fairly sure it is keeping me relaxed. It is getting a bit late for it now though. When the seed looks dark on the plant I think that means the goodness has also gone. You have to collect it green

Collect it green like this, dry it on newspaper in the shade.
Collect it green like this, dry it on newspaper in the shade.

DSC_0020 DSC_0021 DSC_0022 DSC_0023

The birds are eating all the berries, could it be the sign of a harsh winter to come? Sure they did that last year too. It wasn’t that bad. All the rowen berries are gone, blackcurrants and they are eating the blackberries faster than I can pick them. Plans for jellys are going awry.. 

birdy of scots pine
birdy of scots pine

Lots of new birds in the trees.

timber stockpile

My kind visitor cut up lots of the willow – the field is full of it now – for winter fuel. Also some ash. So while I have been busy with other projects the land has not stood still but continued with establishing itself as a forest garden. Oh and we have a compost loo now also thanks to our visitor. 


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