Buy two, one goes free of ………..petrol/diesel

89, or is it 85, not sure exactly but that is how long more we have to get free of  our fossil fuel dependency so  I hear.  You did know that electric vehicles are far from a new idea. I mean as general transport. Have a look at the documentary “who killed the electric car” when you get a chance.They are quiet you know. I remember our milk man arriving in one every morning.

I am saying here is yes I know we are in a harsh recessions here in Ireland. Still many see the necessity of having two cars. One to bring the kids to school and piano lessons and the other gets her or himself to work as the public transport still has much to be desired . But what if the second car was an all electric, an e-car. Have you ever thought about it. Just plug it in at night and away you go in the morning, a couple of hundred miles or more under your belt and the world is your oyster, Bobs your uncle and Fanny’s your aunt.

Batteries are getting smaller all the time. And lasting longer. Could the car port have a solar panel installed that would power the charge on the car? check out what Albert Bodenhamer has to say on charging time anxiety.

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Did you know they can print solar cell now. Looks like the price of solar is going to be very competitive very soon.

E-car 1906-Baker-Electric-Stanhope-ad


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