Surviving the wilderness.

sunflower csunflower and Livia

This massive sunflower head grew in the tunnel in Camcas. There is an exciting project in the making there and I will be blogging about it in future posts no doubt. Watch this space.

DSC_0212      The Cavan strawberry apple.

The weather was not so good up to recently and everything is doing much better now. The apples in my garden are fairly decent and I always look forward to this one in particular. It makes divine fluffy apple sauce. Apples as large as your hand.

topiary box Topiary box and Cavan Strawberry

I love topiary. These have been growing for a few years now, 6 or 7 years at least.

topiary ball in training Topiary ball in training.

I have a topiary bird here in training Topiary bird in training

In the middle of giving a class in Flower arranging on a shoe string. I have raided my and others gardens and hedgerows to do this. The first night we did button holes, then a table arrangement . Last week it was a hand tie, which presently is upside down to dry for the next class in dried flower arrangement. I don’t care much for them myself but it is good practice in arranging and doesn’t cost much. I do like garlands and wreaths though. I am having a go at these.

Golden hoptwig heart wreathdried hop wreath

I used the golden hop to make the one on the right, the middle one is a twisted willow decorated with raffia bow. I am not sure but I think it is Salix alba.sub. vitellina. Its just a bit too soon to start constructing Christmas wreaths but I believe a harvest wreath over the door might be acceptable .

Surviving the wilderness
Surviving the wilderness

Oh what’s that? a peltiphyllum peltatum by the should be a pond. I am amazed that it is still growing there. The soil here is extremely shallow over daub and gravel. Basically zero drainage. I am finding that plants do very well for a few years and if they are very determined and find a foot hold will probable grow into strong trees etc. However some plants are not so lucky or strong. One apple seems to be suffering from bitter pith for two years running and this Scots pine is growing strangely.  The one beside it is doing well for now.

scots pinescots pine eh


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