Spring into Action again

Heading over to the seed- swop in Knockvicar tomorrow.  We prepared some of our own saved seed yesterday. The final clean of dill Tetra and coriander Piltro. You can see it growing in some of the older posts from Camcas tunnel. It grew to a height of 7 – 8 foot. Incredible.


I couldn’t remember exactly how we made the seed envelopes so here is the youtube video that showed us how to make them: https://youtu.be/LfCI5FiAnDY well it isn’t the exact same video but it does the same thing. We used A4 sized paper to make ours because we have so much seed.


See? I was hoping to use some of the coriander seed in the kitchen but you know what I discovered there is a tiny bit of mould on the outside of a few of the seed.  This came about while they were growing in the polytunnel. There is a lot of condensation there. However it is only noticeable when inspected closely. So next time if you are saving seed for kitchen use watch out for this. They don’t taste any different as it is minimal and I will be dry  roasting on the pan for curry. This is a consideration if you intend to supply as a food product.

So what is this. Just sowed on Thursday, a flower day. I thought it worth showing. On the left is a sunflower ‘Teddybear’  in the middle Sunflower ‘Valentine’ and the big one on the right hand side is Helianthus ‘Mongolian Giant’ . This size of the seed doesn’t often reflect on the actual size of a fully grown plant but perhaps in this case. I can’t wait to see if it becomes even bigger than last years.


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