Finest February

Here is some of what we are up to behind the scenes as it were ie.  behind all the mud and stone maneuvering. Some seedlings have been sown early, germinating on windowsill since  February. I hope I don’t regret starting so soon  but it is just that there were so many seeds and this is an important year for the garden here. We have been collecting windows also used from the other Camcas activities. These will be used later on for the making of cold frames in the Allotments or other places. Right now there are plenty of greens for spring salads as well as chard and kale for chips mmmm.

DSC_0024Watercress is great. There were some drainage issues last year and this plant really enjoyed the puddles. So much so that it propagated itself everywhere and now there is absolutely no shortage. I must look up that watercress soup recipe.

Went to the seed swap last Sunday in Knockvicar. Tables of seeds everywhere set out by family

I can’t find my photos from the excellent seed swap so instead I am posting some pics of my friends bluebell wood and her goats. That will have to do until I find them.


Oh look I found them. I didn’t take many photographs as was far too exciting!

Saffron with her home saved seed and snowdrop baskets
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Seed tables sorted by family

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