It sounds weird but I think I am developing feelings for my old phone. I guess we have been through so much together. He/she/they have been there for me everyday for so long. Keeping me in touch with everyone, waking me up in the morning, reminding me of pressing appointments and just plain being there. I know I probably sound like Joaquin Phoenix in ‘Her’ but this morning I really felt a bit guilty when once again the alarm sounded. Now she/he/they never usually go off on a Saturday. I could only surmise that this out of character behavior was related to my now newly acquired phone. The bigger, badder, faster, Sta.20mpix camera sporting new flameDSC_0001. My old girl/boy/they has been very loyal and has decided to play side kick and is now a very useful alarm…..usually anyway. With his/her/their cracked screen and bright Calendula flowers, grown by my own hand. I had expected her/him/they to just give up the ghost or worse still lock me out as other previous versions had done so. I look with fondness at her /him/they and reward him/her/them with a special place by my pillow. I keep her/him/them on airplane mode though …….just in case


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