What’er ways with plants



I took a stroll recently at lisnaskea Co. Fermanagh down by the Lough Head community garden and park. They have something I haven’t come across before, a trim trail. It’s a great idea. Some log stumps set in the ground as step-ups. They also have a very young willow maze.

part of the Trim Trail

Actually there isn’t any sign saying it is a willow maze but it looks like one doesn’t it? Very beautiful and uplifting for winter.It might be Salix alba var. vitellina Britzensis, the scarlet willow, but who knows.It was a dull day and it needs the sunlight to bring out the colour. Another interesting item in the park is what looks like a mini/micro/nano dam, with one  low tech Archimedis  screw. How I recognized this is because a couple of years back I became obsessed with the aforementioned AS. I was and am still convinced that small scaled hydro power community owned schemes are the way forward to sustainability. Lots on info on my page. walk talk and eat your greens

. In ancient times these screws were used to draw water from the river and irrigate the fields, now they are used in micro hydro power schemes. They don’t hurt the fish. There is one in Buckingham palace and some in Ireland, look at this one in Bainbridge UK

Bainbridge hydro power

Very pretty  too.

See here –  how to make your own Archimedes screw

Willow cuttings from maze

Cuttings just ripe for the picking. Cut them back in February along with dogwoods to keep the beautiful colour.


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