Just back after a jaunt to the big smoke and wistful Wicklow. This increased frequency of visitations have rendered me less consumer, more urban forager. Something is pointing to a stillness now in the rush of Henry Street.

Henry Street plus spire

I love taking photos in the city with  rural eyes. I headed down to the Singer shop in Talbot Street. Not the same glamour and busyness there at all. Very relaxed as I wandered in  and got the part for my old Brother,sewing machine that my dad bought for me in the 80s second hand. It’s so nice how some things don’t change…. much.

Onward , the   inclement weather in Wicklow didn’t stop me from getting a chance to visit the National exhibition gardens in Kilquade  (x. nurseries). After another lovely meal at the Happy Pear, this does feel like a name dropping post today. But can I help it if everywhere has become famous now. Anyway I did resist the urge to photograph my lunch however yummy.

The central pathway of the National Exhibition gardens in Kilquade Co. Wicklow


Even in the rain it looked amazing to my rural soaked eyes. I just haven’t had this sort of exposure in many years. West Cavan has not got the soil for fair weather gardeners. Not that I am one but” I fear it hath broken  my hearth ‘n spade”. Don’t go looking up that quote as it’s mine, speaking about Cavan soil or the want of it actually. Still, I couldn’t afford much in the garden of Ireland the prices are exorbitant, well for me anyway. I did however purchase a packet of chocolate cosmos.

Chocolate Cosmos in a bag …Yom

Here is my favorite garden

Favorite garden in Kilquade

Now on the return journey I felt a tad depressed. Could it have been the weather or just missing Wicklow and it’s  lovely soil, sea, temperatures, plants, gardens bla bla bla. I bought this to cheer me up in Mohill garden center. Very reasonably priced too. Ah it’s good to be back in the countryside again.

DSC_0001 (2)
Fatsia japonica

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