Swad Rambling

There can be  no doubt in my mind that this is a very unspoilt beautiful area. I met up with the Swad ramblers in the village of Swanlinbar in order to walk to the Giant’s chair up by Dromod sea. (or see, have to check that spelling). I have been up that way a few times over the years and the views are spectacular.

Dromod, Swanlinbar 

The pace was steady and slow, just right for me as I could be fitter. This gives me time to explore the flora which was mildly diverse, wild strawberry, fraughen or wild blueberry, lady’s mantle alchamilla  and much golden saxifrage. Lots of lambs and their mothers of course. One field full of pet lambs.

Thats the first time I ever petted a lamb. Wish I had something to give them darlings. So onward to the Giants chair, then got lost a bit but managed to find the Tory Hole.


Some tea and sandwiches taken then a little more walking.




window with it’s nettle companion

That will set me up for the week ahead now. The walk took 3 hours to complete, lots of chatting, and dawdling plus a bit of tea drinking. Sundays at Trivia house meeting around 11 or 12. email me for contact details


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