The twilighty zone

Wild garlic pesto Vegan version anyone?

Just wondering is there might be an issue with eating so much wild garlic at one sitting????

Whats left of the wild garlic pesto, didn’t last very long

went ahead in any case and made a vegan version.

Wild garlic pesto Vegan version anyone?

There hasn’t been much time for foraging unfortunately. Actually only growing my own foragey plants myself instead. Plants like scurvy grass and dandelion and the aforementioned wild garlic. It is so hip now. There really are fantastic foraging courses going on everywhere, The organic center in Rossinver, County Leitrim and  many other places. I am waiting  to go seaweed foraging in Sligo next new or full moon. You know how it is, waiting for those low tides. It will be getting time for dillisk soon. I missed the Alaria time again, as it grows long in the winter. Anyway this isn’t a post about sea foraging. What is good in the vegan pesto is the all purpose nutritional yeast. It was a bit bitter without the Parmesan .

Had a lovely walk the other evening with a friend down the lane and came across the violets I think it is early dog violet but I may stand corrected on this as perhaps it is dog violet Viola riviniana . Turned off my flash, I really can’t stand those yellowy images, gone beyond that now.  Its a good spring tonic, in salads, in drinks, a love potion and terrific ground cover.

Finally listing to the great and good John Martyn while writing this…….wasn’t he beautiful …….





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