Regarding May and such

Sometimes I find it hard to stop. You know, when you are into something gardening , painting or  just surfing the internet. It has always been the case with me. Perhaps that is why I never seem to have any time for the so called fun things in life. Or maybe visit a friend or go have a cup of coffee, just simple things. A friend of mind died last week and while I was at her funeral I saw the family of my neighbour who had just died the night before. The sun was splitting the stones and I knew it was a happy release for all included. In my friends case her passion  for life never wavered not even at the end. As her brother said in her epilogue, she was a fighter. She was born in the war, fought her whole life and did battle with illness for many years. No summation on my part will do, there are far better tributes to her than any I could ever perform.She wanted Queen to be played, and with a shock the solemnity of the occasion was debunked by the strains of “another one bites the dust”, That was  Sandra.


guess what?

I wish we had had more cups of tea and chats when we could. In any case she has been around me all week , I felt here today in the garden especially. I went about visiting all the neglected areas of the jungle. When asked about my garden people often say, ” oh your garden must be beautiful I suppose”, nothing could be further from the truth. and I say invariably, “it’s a jungle actually”. There are some beauties there to be sure.

These really worked this year. I planted lots of bulbs, many of which got  themselves squashed by invading cattle, those above escaped the assault. As a child I remember wanting to live forever, in fact up to a point I thought we did. My parents , everyone. I can even remember the moment when I realised that everyone dies. I was very young, and it coincided with a film I watched about a high ranking soldier getting court marshaled. An old black and whitey, it’s all a bit like a dream now.  That was another of Sandra’s choice. Now whenever I hear  Queen I will be thinking of her too. I say too because my brother in law, Keiron who died Christmas 2014 was a big fan. He too was larger than life like Sandra, Freddy Mercury, like so many amazing folk who gave up the ghost this year.

I wanted this post to be about plants but here I am eulogising away. I spent a long time on the corner of the garden that I see every day but which never gets any of my attention. The ones who shout loudest are the little beauties . They are tonic in the wilderness, wherein lies the greatest rewards.

Sandra Vernon young
Sandra Vernon, A great beauty

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