Welcome rain

It’s been a good while since my last post. Sounds rather catholic to my ears and indeed I was one at the early  stages. The past couple of weeks have been filled with all kinds of emotions and yet guilt has not been one of them. That is until I had to leave my charges (hundreds of plants) unattended for reasons I cannot explain to you as yet. Cloak and dagger am I yes? And it isn’t me at all. The sun’s rays have been mercilessly beating down on  young lawns thirsty tender leaves. Seedlings are parched and in danger of scorching. None of this matters to the  ones tended by wise gardeners but even they can be forgetful or I hasten to say neglectful. Ah there is the geriatric guilt, probable cause of all the arthritis many endure  here in Ireland.

But today, yes today during a much needed pep talk by my old friend in Canada it began to rain and storm and thunder.Yes! is all that I can say plus some gesticulation.

quite Provence like no? Alls missing is the wine and cheese and a couple of baguettes

the birds welcomed the drenching also.So what else is new?  The tulips are finishing and they were amazing. Now the Alliums are  getting into their stride.


IMG_2276 - Copy

Something lovely I got at the plant swap. Always get a rare treat. Just the one plant for me to gaze on. It has multi benefits as a herbal medicine as well as looking awesome. I am crazy about spiky plants, must be my Aries rising and moon


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