Blooming Allright

It would be self indulgent to blog about ones personal miseries would it not? And it probably wouldn’t make good reading, however  closer to the truth it would be .For the purpose of this post,  I will try to find a middle path. The fact that I can’t join in by waxing lyrical about the Bloom festival could just be my mood. Or indeed it could just be that it is a totally commercial experience. The last time I went to Bloom it was 2008 the gardens were bigger, easier to find and there was a calm atmosphere , small but  beautiful.  Perhaps it might have been the journey down on the bus without something soothing to smooth my ruffled feathers but I will share with you some photos from the day.



I thought my friend looked gorgeous standing beside it.

Frances and the blue and yellow garden both looking fabulous

Here were John Willmott and Claire Roach performing in one of the gardens,  that was a lovely surprise. John is a poet and Claire is a wonderful harpist with an exquisite voice. John can be found in the woods about these parts of west Cavan often. look up ‘bards in the woods’ on Facebook if you are interested.

there they are the two of them , John Willmott and Claire Roach.

We were quite lucky to catch this exhibition of botanical art. Apparently there are two types: floral art and botanical art. The latter displays individual flowers and floral art shows  plants in their natural setting or grouped together. The artists kindly allowed us to take photographs. I love the parrot tulip and the primrose but the primula vulgaris is my favorite. See below for details of botanical art courses in Wicklow.

And finally for today

A lovely arrangement

There were sooo many good arrangements, imaginative and finely crafted. This is but one. I have to say though the highlight of the Bloom festival for me was the shuttle bus. I had never been on a topless bus before, I mean a sightseeing bus. it was a totally cooling experience after the hot crowds. Not too sure if I can bare to see another Allium for a while though..

me at bloom , caption anybody?

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