Oh Dear Blog, Why have I forsaken thee?

Bless me readers it’s been ages since my last blog post. I have avoided writing,  thinking about  and forsaking every great post idea  for other sinful activities, or enjoyable ones. As an x catholic I  still equate sinfulness with enjoyment at times. There are lovely things going on in the garden and I am finding myself in it for a change. It being the garden. Not an unusual activity for a gardener I suppose but it is for me. I am to be found in plenty of other gardens belonging to other people. It is a metaphor for my life maybe. Plenty of time for others and running around while I neglect myself. Now I am gainfully unemployed, officially having lost my job, and not quite ready to find  another although of course I am looking, most of this newly acquired time has been allotted to other, more  important soul searching activities.


Being completely broke is not a new state of mind to me anyway. I lived though the 80s and left Ireland to find fortune in tree planting and street painting. One for the country and one for the city. But that is a very long story for another day. Now I find myself in this rural place, single mum, unemployed and struggling financially but hey it could be worse. MABS have been a great support and in fact I have found  much support in unexpected places recently. I got a very nice email from a friend who sent me this link. It about the familiar phrase in that, nowadays that it all it is ” It takes a village to raise a child”. It says it all, no need to elaborate on something well said. So I am out in the garden again today,   making a new garden now that the digger has been in and created piles of earth everywhere. It feel as though I am reclaiming the ground on which this cottage was built. Here on this one acre  site of  daub and gravel with an almost non existent top soil I finally feel like I know how to garden here. When I was working last year I was inspired to ask an Eco architect to come and visit the place and give me advice about what to do to make it better here. He told me his story about buying a piece of boggy land in Leitrim and loving it and how it responded .It has been the best piece of advice I have got for this small  corner of the earth here.

All of the visits to gardens this year will be inspiration for my new garden –  Airfield, Jim Burke and June blake’s gardens, Killruddery house, the National Botanic gardens and finally and fortunately at the  last opportunity I got to see Helen Dillon’s masterpiece of a garden before it closed forever. I have gone  from being time poor to being  time rich and this has meant that now, I can finally give energy and love to my own garden. Focusing on what can be achieved against all the odds. You wouldn’t think yet but I feel that I  am getting a bit closer to what it is really like to slow down. I also got to go to Bloom , Saffron Thomas’s garden, and Glebe gardens and Garnish Island in West Cork. I have been catching up this summer after years of busyness, slaving for a pittance and not having any time or money to visit friends, family and gardens. So forgive me now but I know exactly what I must do.


Why the christian under / over tones?  Just listening to the Queen of Ireland, Panti Bliss and her show Pantisocracy   (a society in which everyone is equal) . John Boyne  and Andrew Hosier and others makes for entertaining listening.  Her monologue today was about the Pope’s visit back in the 70’s. do have a listen.

Happy Halloween






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