It isn’t that cold but cuddle up anyway

Just in from the ” It isn’t that cold?”, day.  A hot summers day  with a light breeze could only beat it. img_48181

It felt chrismassy, I felt chrismassy. I hand made almost all my gifts. I will model later on as some folk have not got them yet and it would only spoil the surprise. There has been plenty of activities going on here, parties, pub quizzes christmas dinners for all the orphans, I cooked for 16 this time. No drinking or getting overfullbellied, just good company and sensible eating. The weather has been superb for walks and gardening and general travel. 6 degrees today in Cavan.


This particular santy has been with us for many years. He has lovely hands and I’m sure with those eyes he could get a part in game of thrones no problem. I have been listening to a lot of John Bradshaw lately for my sins. He is superb to watch if you like that sort of thing an he does bear a resemblance to the one above, and by that I don’t mean the One Above, but santy himself . Let me know what you think.


I just saw that the dear John Bradshaw above died this year in May.  What a year 2016 has been  for claiming the lives of so many beloved public figures.  In this video 3 years before he died, he talks a bit about his personal life. His videos are available on Youtube. It is this May that I properly began the inner child work myself. I have among others John to thank and I am sad to know that he is gone.


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