Whats shaking this January? is it TRE (trauma release therapy)

New day and a new dawn

So what kind of year will 2017 be I ask you?  You and I have made many wishes and resolutions and we  hope some of them will be realised. However  I am not going to share with you right now what mine are, and  you know your own.  Instead let me tell you about TRE and my experience so far of it.

Discovering TRE

It was last year when I started involuntarily shaking. This may have been induced by traumas and healing going on respectively. I would be going asleep and suddenly start shaking, the shaking originating in my spine. Then a friend told me she was learning a system of trauma release and so I looked it up on YouTube, as you do and found some directions. So when I speak of trauma it includes the everyday type of trauma as well as the bigger ones.

Definition of trauma


play\ˈtrȯ-mə-tə also ˈtrau̇-\

  1. 1a :  an injury (such as a wound) to living tissue caused by an extrinsic agentb :  a disordered psychic or behavioral state resulting from severe mental or emotional stress or physical injuryc :  an emotional upset


    of an executive who is not living up to his own expectations — Karen W. Arenson>

  2. 2:  an agent, force, or mechanism that causes trauma

Yes the word trauma is often used on a daily basis, we now  accept it as the normal yet disquieting part of life. I am not comparing the plight of refugees or victims of holocausts with   what  is for  most of us, the mismanagement of  routine stress.


All I am saying is that these exercises are a way of staying healthy and sane. Well my experience is that  so far I am finding them useful. Dawn’s blog here   is a link to the forum,  you can read how a bunch of people are using David Bercili’s method in creative ways. I suggest that you go to the horses mouth though, the TRE website give sound advice regarding starting off the practice with a practitioner.  There is a lot on YouTube of showing returning Soldiers from Iraq and other war zones using the technique. People with sports injuries and general stress.

It is free it is easy, it works and now I AM going out into the garden


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