And the living is easy…..

Driving past the tidy looking bungalows belonging to the area where I live, I imagine the interiors are as  orderly and well kept as their gardens and neatly painted exteriors.  I immediately begin to examine and judge my own home. Why do I live in a tip? A nice tip but the kind where I have to apologise to all my visitors “Oh, sorry about the state of the place I just ………..” and have lots of excuses. Actually I don’t have many visitors, hmm. I know I rebel against my upbringing. I grew up in a very tidy home, even though my mother was ill there were always people to dust and clean. Somehow I never was asked. I escaped all chores except to set the table, which I loathed to do. I was spoilt I suppose.

Our house felt like a stage set, waiting for the actors to arrive. Comfortable as a waiting room. Carefully chosen pieces of furniture, lamps and carpet. I have a vague memory of real fires in the grate soon replaced by gas central heating and two bar fires. Much cleaner.

The queen
As the 90-year-old monarch presented an award to poet Gillian Allnutt  (Daily Mail)

Whats good enough for her Highness is good enough for our house. I didn’t want that. Though I did make good use of two bar fires in my student days in dingy flats. I actually never had a bedsit. Always flats and always sharing with a mate. I feel in some ways I am still stuck in that student mentality. I still stick things on walls with blue tack. Unlike the family home, my place is more like a one act play in a cheap dive where none of the actors get paid and it’s only a warm up for the real event. But it’s home.

cat on roof
birds eye view

The animals make it interesting. It’s a great environment for making art too if there was a wee bit more space. Watercolours take up little space I find. That is the new bug by which or (whom) I have been bit. Botanical illustration here I come.

Making art and cooking and living is messy. Gardening, yes very messy. And the house gets even worse when I’m on a gardening spree. It looks like I will be appearing in one act plays for some time to come.


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