Shooting the breeze

I forgot to title my last post. Always in a rush…I never buy magazines you know, but I was feeling flush and foolhardy and wandered into Eason’s in Cavan for a gawk. Actually I hardly ever take a wander for that matter. Sure enough I found one to buy on film making, my latest passion..One […]


Yes, well there you go. Now! Just one last one for your digestion, it’s all at one go. Thats me, I’m an all or nothing kind of gal. You got nothing for a few months and now yir gettin it all. So I had a lot of fun with this one. You might recognize the Drumlane gardeners […]


Ahem, well I have taken the liberty which is mine  to take, and indeed anybody’s.  That  which presses one to ignore the rules and take control of a language oneself. It does help knowing the rules in the first place before the baby is thrown out with the murky bathwater, but that rule has also been dispensed with. […]

September looks back

It has really been a crammed full season.  Lets seen now, there is the Anti-fracking campaign, Yes today is the day after the Global frackdown day. Had a really good one up here in Manorhamilton and Carrick on Shannon. Here for more info. Then we had culture night in the Solas gallery on friday 21st,  and […]