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  1. hello from south of France, old Europe. Thank you for your post about making Tsa Tsa mold. I am myself planing to do some. And therefore looking for Tsa Tsa mold to do Tsa Tsa (I’m studying Buddhism since 14 years now). That’s how I came across your website. I wonder : Which oil yu used to cast the mold? Was it easy to take the clay out of the mold? Where did your find your beautiful mold of Green Tara? hoping my broken English makes sens. have a blessed day

    1. Hi Armelle, thank you for your comment. I am happy to tell you about the Tsa Tsa making. It seems a long time ago now. Since then the Tsa Tsas have been fired in a kiln and some are housed inside the new Stupa at Jampa Ling. We used oil, vegetable to remove the clay from the molds. The molds themselves came directly from India, probably made by Tibetan craftspeople. Our lama here is the Venerable Panchen Otrul Rinpoche and he got them. We made a lot of noise while making them so if you have a place outside to do it that is great. He showed us how to do it. Sometimes it was difficult to take out the clay, we used a small brush to get the oil into the cracks. We still have a lot of the damaged ones, didn’t like to throw them away. I can do a little post soon on the fired Tsa Tsas. Meanwhile this site is moving home to, I hope you come and find us there. Aisling

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