Spring Is well an truly here. This week marks the beginning of the growing year for two community gardens.
The aim of community gardens is to enjoy working together to produce food. The actual time spent in the gardens is around 3 hours per week and so does not place huge demands on people either time or energy – wise

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The two gardens at Drumlane,Miltown and Jampa Ling Bawnboy, are coming along. Here are some examples of Lazy beds that we dug in the walled garden in Bawnboy.

Lazy Bed, Aran Victory sown

We try to follow the biodynamic calender as much as possible.  This means that sowing can take place on days other than the day we meet in the garden. The diary records if  it is a root or a fruit day etc.

Lazy beds being created at the Organic Center Rossinver

First a line is made with stakes and string.  At an estimated width of 40inchs,  a row of  manure is placed in the center.  The sods are cut along the guide line and  then at a 90 degree angle to make a small rectangle on either side of the manure. The seed potatoes are placed aroun 1 foot apart directly on the manure. The sods are then undercut with a spade and  folded towards the middle.  They cover up the potatoes and manure, more soil is then taken from either side of the lazy bed and put on top.  The potatoes are dressed with seaweed or comfry leaves.

Overwintered leeks, Drumlane

Overwintering  leeks   harvested  from the plots in Drumlane

Plus some red cabbage.


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