Sound and Vision

Monicas  pub Drumshambo
Monicas pub Drumshambo

Check  out Monicas Pub in Drumshambo , Wednsday nights.  Beginners sessions there, for starters .

I am hoping to upload raw music clips in this bit. That is when I figure out how exactly how to do that.



the last one is a short promo which I made for the festival.- Er…not my camera work by the way,  limited editing equipment plus a load of video footage, this was the best I could do. I had a lot of fun making it though. there was a longer one with a sound track, editing made it complicated though. I know excuses excuses, next ones will be better I hope. Got the use of a really great camera now so I won’t be able to blame the equipment anyway, or the spell check,(or the camera person, bless her……..

Radio programms of the Free Fringe festival in Ballinamore 2011


Just one more from the John Joe Maguire weekend in Swanlinbar Co.Cavan. a wee treat, from the Jazen 4, acapella group

<p>Video from <a href=””>KarmaTube</a></p&gt;


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